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Looking for a specific game published by Deck13 or just browsing? Here’s a nice variety of games we’ve had the pleasure of publishing over the years.


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Last Tweets

  • Here is a sneak peak at @djtalla2xlc spreading good vibes at the Cloud9 bar! He's throwing a party celebrating the collapse of Jericho City. Be sure to visit him in since he'll also be involved in a quest. Visit him on Spotify: ,
  • Alright lads, the day is here! What will the brave Naruto runners find within the hidden bunkers of Area51? Remember the essentials: -stick to the plan -stay hydrated -don't open any containters labled "Uptopia" or "Nanites" They cant stop us all! ,
  • Live again! Come by for our Surge nostalgia stream with the devs. We are also giving away a press-kit once more including the limited edition of the game. Come say Hi and ask questions about development. (Taking pictures is not my strong side) ,