Intergalactic party racing mayhem! Obliteracers is an award-winning same-screen party racer for up to 16 players. Race brutal-cute aliens on exotic planets, using weapon powerups and physics-based vehicles to annihilate your competition in frantic round-based combat. Connect spare gamepads, laptops and smart devices as extra controllers. Stragglers will be eliminated… only one alien shall prevail!


Download all screenshots and images as .zip (4.45MB)


  • Back to the roots! Obliteracers brings back the fun from the once famous battle party racing genre
  • Burn down the roots! Don‘t compare it to any other racing game – in Obliteracers not the one in charge will win but the one who survives!
  • Feel the unique style! Extraordinary planets filled with creative tracks create a style outstanding from the markets norm
  • Control it your way: Use a controller, your smartphone, a tablet or even a notebook as your device of control!
  • Hang out with up to 16 friends! We’re taking the multiplayer really serious here. Play with up to 16 players online or even in one room!
  • Throw a real party! Customize the game modes and play the game the way you want it to play


Remember the good ‘ol days when Micro Machines, Mashed and Crash Team Racing were in charge of the party racing genre? Well, it’s time to bring back these days and Obliteracers is an award-winning racer which is exactly aiming for this, combining the well known formula with elements from Smash Brothers and friends!

It’s time for a racing league containing various unique and exotic alien planets where the different species are trying to fool each others on the tracks. It’s about time to use incredible weapons,powerups and insane maneuver at a breakneck pace.

Explore the planets on your own and race against the AI or team up with up to 16 players over the internet or even, if you want to party hard, in one room. Strugglers will be eliminated, only one alien shall prevail.

Developer: Space Dust Studios
Genre: Arcade Racing
Platform(s): PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4