There is only one true detective from England. The most famous detective ever created in history. Oh. Wait. You‘re thinking of Sherlock right now, eh? That‘s not quite the one we‘re talking about. It‘s time for Betram Fiddle to stand up and take the crown back from the Baker Street.


Download all screenshots and images as .zip (24.30MB)


  • They’re back! The weirdest detective, Betram Fiddle, is finally back – being accused of murder, although he’d obviously never kill. And guess what? His sidekick, Gavin, is also back
  • Harder Puzzles! Remember the first Episode? It was so lovely. But also the puzzles were lovely. And fans requested harder puzzles. So they get harder puzzles
  • It’s handcrafted! Many sleepless nights have been spent to realise Episode 2 – the outcome is a lovely handcrafted gem in the point & click sector
  • We want more, more, more! It’s even more Victorian, even more lovecraftic, even more Gavin and it comes along with even more terrible jokes
  • Loveable Characters and it’s very own sound! Meet the weirdest characters you’ve ever seen and listen to a soundtrack you’ll instantly fall in love with.


A Bleaker Predicklement continues the story of the first Episode, A Dreadly Business. Or, well, let‘s say it offers a continuing yet new story. And Betram will get into some serious pointing & clickingtrouble.

This time Betram Fiddle offers more puzzles, more victorian style, more lovecraftian humor, more Gavin, more love for terriblejokes and even more noses.

Developer: Rumpus Animation
Publisher: Deck13 Interactive
Genre: Point & Click Adventure
Platform(s): PC, iOS