Holomento is an Indie Permadeath Action-RPG focusing on the dangerous quest of passing through the mysterious Eventide Hollow. Choose from different starting classes and fight with a variety of traditional and nontraditional weapons. Discover the secrets of this broken world and start rebuilding it step by step.


  • Up to one million inhabitants per city
  • 5 different population classes
  • Over 50 different resources
  • Up to 30.000 buildings per city
  • Up to 5.000 cars and vehicles per scene
  • Up to 20.000 people per scene
  • Cities can become as big as 194 sq km
  • Adjustable difficulty levels for beginners and advanced players
  • Optimize the city with laws and technology researches
  • Trade resources to balance your economy and specialize your city
  • Building Editor and Workshop integration

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