vridniX – a selfish creature who goes out to save the world, but will destroy it in the process… This game is a platformer where the main character never stops running, as he wants to be the first to stop the evil forces! Moreover, when he picks up a rotation orb, he makes the level spin! Well, the inhabitants won’t be happy about that…


Download all screenshots and images as .zip (1.47 MB)


  • Never stop running!
  • Make the levels rotate
  • Survive in 6 strange worlds and over 100 frantic levels
  • Meet many twisted characters in funny cutscenes
  • Fight epic bosses, but you can’t attack!
  • 7+ hours of gameplay!
  • Destroy everything you love
  • Face the salt


Welcome, stranger! Welcome to the Neta-Vark where the Wamnis live and celebrate the beauty of the universe. And not even the invasion of the dangerous Trogoglux will stop the party. The Doldazan Gods will save the Wamnis so that nothing will stop the celebrations. Nothing? Or is there something which could actually ruin everything?

What about vridniX? A hero that can’t stop running! He bounces against walls, hangs on to the ceiling with his massive tongue, can do backflips in mid-air and above all… he has the unique ability to rotate the levels by picking up special orbs! The problem: He is a selfish brat. And our main character. vridniX, is a lazy kid who wants others to worship him. It’s when the Trogoglux come to the Neta-Vark that vridniX will stand up to be the first one to stop them. But on his way, by using his ability to rotate the zones, he will eventually destroy all the places he passes through.

vridniX mixes frantic platformer gameplay and an original story that will continually surprise you!

Developer: Uncanaut
Publisher: Deck13 Interactive
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Platforms: PC, Mac
Release Date: 16 Aug. 2018