The Shattering is a psychological thriller that is set in the most dangerous place imaginable, the human mind itself. The first person perspective puts you right in the position of the protagonist, a broken man, racked with guilt, punishing himself for what he is responsible for. You will feel his fear, anger and sorrow and it is up to you if you decide to escape or stay in it forever.


  • Your dreams are your prison. Comforted by the warm fireplace or terrified of the bleak emptiness? You will have to question everything, and trust nothing in order to break free.
  • One step away from a mental breakdown. Your body is only as strong as your mental condition. The protagonist will show realistic body reactions caused by your fears.
  • Soundscape of a broken mind. Every location and every moment has the scene set with a score that haunts, excites and thrills.
  • A way out of the nightmare. Solve riddles and put the puzzle pieces together to uncover the truth of what happened.
  • Stunning environments. A crisp pale world reflecting the sterile mind, filled with detail and unprecedented style.

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